“Driving Home,” Full Grown People, May 2018.

“The Size of Mustard Seeds,” South Dakota Review, Spring 2018.

“Jimmy,” North Dakota Quarterly, Fall 2013

“In Migration,” Cold Mountain Review, Fall 2011

“After the Harvest,” Fourth Genre, Fall 2007


“Less Like Miracles,” Prairie Schooner, forthcoming.

“Acolytes,” Prairie Schooner, forthcoming.

“Maimed,” North Dakota Quarterly, forthcoming

“Shortcuts,” Southern Poetry Review, Spring 2018

“After the Accident,” Voices in the Attic, Fall 2017 *Winner of the Patricia Dobler Poetry Award

“Twin Birth,” Literary Mama, May 2017

“Honey Moon,” Red Rock Review, Spring 2013

“Atlas,” Red Rock Review, Spring 2013

“Cattle Guard,” Water~Stone Review, Fall 2008

“Offerings,” The North American Review, Fall 2007

“During Harvest,” Prairie Poetry, Spring 2006

“Driving Lessons,” Prairie Poetry, Spring 2006


Sharon Oard Warner, Sophie’s House of Cards, Bookslut, April 2015


Prosody, interviewed by Jan Beatty, originally aired April 29, 2017

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