Creating Cairns

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.16.45 AM

I took this picture in Vancouver, British Columbia on our honeymoon trip almost fourteen years ago. Along a coastal walking trail, there were several cairns like this one, rocks balancing on top of other rocks, seemingly defying the natural consequence of gravity.

Over the past few months, I’ve felt like someone trying to create these cairns, as though I’m trying to balance everything in my life—work, family life, writing life—without letting anything fall into the water. And I can tell you, I’m not doing well. The rock of this blog fell in the water a while ago. So now, I’m wading back out to try to place it somewhere back on the pile. It may take a few tries to keep it all in balance, but hopefully you’ll be around to see the beauty in the different attempts.

What are you trying to balance?



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3 responses to “Creating Cairns

  1. Gilberto lobo

    Dana, creo que todos Los Dias tenemos el retro de buscar como balancear la vida.. Cuando no tengas nada que balancear….habras llegado a la muerte. Disfrutar cada dia al Maximo Es lo que hay que balancear y no Es facil, pero vale la Pena. SAWABONA.

  2. Melodee Pedersen

    I hear you about the difficulty of achieving balance sometimes, but just remember, sometimes there is joy to be found in the splashes!

  3. I’ll definitely be around to see the amazingness in your journey! 🙂

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