And the Liebster Goes To….

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I’m honored to be recognized by Living Hypothetically for a Liebster award. Once you’re nominated, you’re supposed to answer the questions the fellow blogger asked, and propose your own questions for the people you nominated. However, I can’t be an official winner of the prestigious award. The rules specifically state you must nominate 11 more blogs. The problem? Those pesky boys keep me away from reading so many blogs! Even though I can’t display the coveted logo, I’ll still answer the questions posed by Stacy over at Living Hypothetically:

Here were the questions she asked:

1.   How did you know that you were in love with your partner/spouse?

We worked at the same school, and after a few months, I realized that every time he came into my classroom, I couldn’t breathe. I had such nervous excitement I actually had to remind myself to breathe.

2.    If you could be a TV character, who would you be and why? I’d be April Ludgate from Parks and Rec because I’d basically be playing myself!

3.    If money was not a factor, where would you want to vacation? Ohhhhh, I’d love to buy a Round the World airline ticket. There’s several different rules and regulations depending on which one you use, but I’d start in Central America then make my way through South America. From there,  I’d fly to South Africa and visit as many places in Africa as I could (that aren’t presently at war). After that, I’d hit Europe and travel all around by train. Next, I’d fly to India and Indonesia and hang out on some random tropical islands before seeing Viet Nam and Japan. Eventually, it would be on to Australia and New Zealand. After a year, I’d get back to the US. Since money isn’t a factor, I could stay at some really nice places and eat some amazing food.

4.    What is your dream job? In many ways, I feel like I have my dream job: teaching and writing. Sometimes I wish I could make more money at both or be able to split my time more exactly like half a year teaching, half a year writing, but mostly, I’m satisfied.

5.    What do you need to do to fall asleep at night? Nothing: I have twin four-year old boys. A better question would be, “How do you not fall asleep by 7:00 pm each night?”

6.    What is a dream of yours? I would love to spend a year teaching in a Spanish-speaking country on a teacher exchange or something similar.

7.    Do you like scary movies? No, not the gory attack-and-mutilate-someone-with-a-chainsaw. But, I love psychological thrillers, even though some give me nightmares!

8.    Could you kill your own food? Just kill it, or actually skin and dress it? Just kill, probably. Skin and dress (or butcher, as the case may be), probably not. I’d have to wait until I was pretty hungry first, but not too hungry—you need energy for that kind of thing.

9.    Why do you blog? For the fame and money—isn’t that why everyone does it?

10.   How many years until marriage equality is nationwide? It should have happened the day before yesterday, but let’s hope within a year or two.

11.    What the hell should I wear to a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower??  (I don’t do dresses.)


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Want to join in? Pick a question, and answer it on my comments!


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  1. Andrea

    Nice award, Dana!!! 🙂

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