A Taste of Summer

I love summer for so many reasons, but the food makes the season a little sweeter. Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

  1. Watermelon: I used to sit on my grandma’s counter while she patiently cut and de-seeded a watermelon. I’d sneak bites of the red chunks one right after another. She’d end up shooing me away so there would be some left. Isn’t it the perfect choice on a hot day?
  2. Popsicles: The boys and my nieces and nephews couldn’t get enough popsicles over the 4th of July. Who can eat just one?
  3. Homemade Ice Cream: As a kid, I loved adding the ice and salt to keep the ice cream maker running. My siblings and I would take spoons and eat the first bites right off the paddle.
  4. Sweet Corn: Straight from the field, this delicious treat means summer is in full swing.
  5. Hamburgers on the Grill: Miguel and I don’t eat much red meat during the rest of the year. But during summer, even we can’t resist a juicy hamburger with all the fixings.
  6. Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches: If you don’t have the time to make your own, these are the next best thing. My mom-in-law introduced me to these this summer. Holy moly, they’re good!
  7. S’mores: If you’re around the campfire, these chocolaty, gooey snacks are always in demand.
  8. Lemonade: I love this drink so much that I can’t limit myself to only the months of May-August. I’ve heard how you should avoid lemonade because it can hurt the enamel on your teeth. I try to be so good with everything else, I figure sipping on this tangy drink—especially on a hot day—won’t hurt too much.
  9. Fruit Salad: Fruit salad encompasses all the great tastes of the summer. Maybe it’s cantaloupe, honeydew, blueberries and peaches.  Or perhaps banana, strawberry and raspberries. The combinations are endless. My sister-in-law puts a couple dollops of sherbet in her fruit salad, adding an invigorating sweetness. YUM!
  10.  Funnel Cakes: I don’t make these at home, but if we go to any fair, I’m always in line for one of these amazing fried goodies. I rarely add the fruit topping, preferring the hint of powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

What’s your favorite summertime treat?


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