Not So Newlywed Any More

Ten years ago today, Miguel and I said “I do” at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska. Before the big day, we looked up vows online and chose something like Contemporary IX. We rewrote parts, and then, in our move after the wedding, I lost them. Some might think that bad luck, but this way, we can make things up as we go along–like most people do anyway.

What do you say “I do” to?



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4 responses to “Not So Newlywed Any More

  1. Paige Thompson

    Wow – ten years and one day ago today I was racing towards Lincoln to attend the wedding of my amazing childhood friend. I had my mother along for the ride and my soon to be two-year old daughter. Ended up in a car wreck where thankfully the only things significantly hurt were the vehicles. Thanks to a rental car and my aunt we arrived at your wedding. It was beautiful and I can still picture you walking through the gardens towards your beloved. It was a great day and I am so glad I was there.

    My “I do” list today includes things inspired by YOU!

    *I do have the strength to keep driving my kids back and forth and back and forth and back and forth to town because YOU survived it!
    *I do have wonderful teenage memories of driving around in the coolest car that had a TOUCH SCREEN! You were so before your time!!
    *I do have the faith and belief that Jessa will overcome cancer.
    *I do think your mother is quite possibly the very sweetest lady I know.
    *I do know that no matter how bad your head hurt, you only got one children’s tylenol and had to go rest! 🙂
    *I do know that you always wanted an iris flower garden. (Now I am second guessing myself, it was an iris garden wasn’t it??)
    *I do know that I ate a sandwhich one time with you that had more mayo on it than any other sandwich I have eaten. Do you remember that?
    *I do have a wonderful book of memories of my brother that I was given as a wedding gift that I will cherish forever.
    *I do cherish all of my memories with you. Love ya friend! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. Hope you have a special celebration!

  2. Jessyca Flores


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