After a quick trip to Colorado for my niece’s benefit, I’m back in the saddle with an update over the past few months of blogging. Here’s what’s happened since. . .

  • In January, I talked about writing a poetry series with Chinese symbols from my friend. I still haven’t begun the project, but the mini-project post from last week has inspired me to get started this summer. (Isn’t Bev great? If you haven’t already checked out her website PoMoGolightly, I highly recommend you do!)
  • The Paris Wife is our next book choice in my book club. I haven’t started it yet (Is procrastination a theme here?), but I ordered it from Powell’s. (I love Powell’s bookstore. It’s based in Portland, and it has pretty much everything you could ask for in a large bookstore, only it’s totally independent. Yea!)
  • The Warrior Dash is off for this year. There were a few glitches, the first of many being that the Omaha race day filled up on Saturday. I’m sure a few of you will be wildly disappointed that I’ve decided to delay the Warrior Dash, but I’m not saying never—just not this year.
  • The boys are still wearing their costumes. Yes, each morning they faithfully climb into the paper-thin cloth, which contains more and more rips and tears. It’s only a matter of time until the costumes disintegrate.
  • The Man Who Quit Money has made its way onto several indie best-seller lists. If you haven’t read the book yet, it’s a great idea for a book club. Plus, Mark Sundeen will be teaching at the Taos Writers’ Conference. If you’ve never been, it’s so much fun! Only a few spots open.
  • I took some of my students out on the basketball court to test their skills. A thirty-something woman has little business trying to beat twelve-year old boys. My kneecap popped out (and luckily back into place), and I had to make them switch from full to half court. I’m officially an old lady.
  • Jessa’s benefit surpassed all our expectations. There was a children’s choir, children’s orchestra and many talented singers. The food was amazing, and Bonfils had 80 people sign up to the registry. (Have you become a donor?) Jessa looked beautiful in her blue and white polka-dot dress. It was definitely a night to remember.

Well, there’s the latest on the last few months.

What’s new with you?


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