Bad Grades and Empty Hands

Yup. It’s parent-teacher conference time (or Student-Led Conference at my school), which means that all the good intentions of last fall get boiled down to the cold hard truths of today. I had to tell some students they’ll be repeating the 7th grade. I had to tell others they need summer school as desperately as Kim Kardashian needs attention.

With all the conferences, I’m showing up today empty-handed, too. I wish I could say my dog ate my post, or my kid spit water on my computer (oh wait, that did happen once!) or my flash drive got thrown in the toilet. I can’t. Like some of my students, I’ve run out of excuses.

But I give you a peace offering. Next week, I’m off to Colorado for my niece’s benefit. While I’m away, Bev from PoMo Golightly will be guest posting for me. She’s fabulous. Check out her site beforehand to get a taste of her creations—both words and fibers.

I’ll meet you back here on May 4th with an update of my first four months blogging. Like the old saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

What makes your heart grow fonder?


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