8 Hours 57 Minutes and Counting

I’m hours away from the thing I’ve most looked forward to since returning to school in January: Spring Break. I want to find the person who invented this idea and give him or her a huge hug. Here are the top 10 things I love about Spring Break:

1No School: As a kid, I didn’t think there was anything better than a day off of school, especially a snow day. Now, I know there is something better: being a teacher and having a day off of school. I think the joy might be compounded by ten.

2. Sleeping In. I love to hit snooze a couple more times and not feel guilty (or be late). It’s not like the days before the boys when I’d sleep in until God-knows-when, but still, I’ll take an extra hour when I can get it.

3No Morning Hassle. Trying to get two 3 year-olds out the door and to the nanny’s house and then make it to school before the tardy bell is a cruel torture routine. (Seriously, the CIA could probably use this technique to find out vital intelligence! Please, please, I’ll tell you the location of the nuclear reactor, just don’t make me get to school on time again!) Being able to relax in our pajamas until we feel like getting dressed—instead of the cajoling of every other morning—is a nice break!

4. Going to the park in the middle of the week. Sure, it might be a little busier because every other kid is enjoying spring break, too. But, being able to go to a park that the boys love across town that’s too far to go to during the week is super fun.

5Staying up past 9 pm. I know, I know, I’m lame. If I could, I’d go to bed at 8:30—maybe earlier. But during spring break, I read that extra story out of the The New Yorker or The Sun Magazine and don’t regret it the next day because I can sleep in—(See #2).

6. Daylight Savings. It doesn’t always happen during spring break, but it’s definitely something I love about spring. When it’s light out later in the day, I actually feel like I have more time off work each day than during the long winter. There’s something rejuvenating about the spring—opening up the house, taking a longer walk around the neighborhood, playing outside a little later—that makes the days a little more enjoyable.

7Road Trips. Because we go to Nebraska each summer, we tend to stay put for the rest of the year, but I added this one as a nod to the future when we’ll be able to take a little trip in the car to a new destination in the spring. There’s nothing like the car windows rolled down and the stereo turned up on a beautiful spring day.

 8. Margaritas. Okay, I could put them on any list at any time, but don’t they taste a little sweeter when you’re on vacation?

9. Catching up with friends. I have a bunch of friends who work as teachers at the community college, other private schools in town, even UNM. Now that there seems to be a concerted effort to have everyone on the same spring break schedule, I can usually get together with my friends and find out the new gossip and nobody has to run off to a committee meeting or wait to get together until after that faculty meeting is over.

 10. One week closer to summer: Spring break really just means that summer is almost here, with all its promise of fresh-squeezed lemonade, hamburgers on the grill and a cold beer on a hot night.

What do you love about spring break?


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