Warrior Dash, anyone?

I read somewhere (probably in a trashy magazine) that Kirstie Alley is dancing every day for the first 100 days of 2012. She even has a daily dance video to prove (to whom?) that she’s not slacking off. Some of my friends at work are in a weight-loss challenge that started at the beginning of the year and will end on the last day of school. I thought I’d avoided all the New Year, promises-to get-healthy business, but my sisters are trying to get me to enter the Warrior Dash this summer—a 3.1 mile run that includes crawling over tangled nets, tramping through mud and plunging down waterslides. It ends with jumping through fire.

What I’m most worried about is that I’ll actually have to start exercising again for the first time since the boys’ arrival—not just the chasing-after-them, picking-them-up, dragging-them-down-from-on-top-of-the-refrigerator work out that I’m used to!

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, there weren’t the options of yoga classes, health clubs, or Zumba. There weren’t even fitness videos for the VCR, yet–a contraption that we didn’t own until the late 1980’s.  Instead, my mom had an exercise cassette tape of Jane Fonda. My little sister and I used to imitate her doing leg lifts or sit ups. Mostly, we ran around the room dancing to “Let’s Get Physical.” But I think preparing for the Warrior Dash might mean a little more than matching leotards and legwarmers along with a few crunches.

What’s keeping you in shape these days?


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One response to “Warrior Dash, anyone?

  1. Mirle Hernández

    Yesterday I lifted four humongous boxes, carried them to my car and drove them to the test collection center where they were frantically preparing more heavy boxes to deliver in early March. I drove away several pounds lighter. My spirit is pretty light now, I can begin to dance and jog and walk and live again!!

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