Candlelight in the Window

On New Year’s Eve, my mother always lit a candle for good luck in the coming year. She’d leave it lit until the candle extinguished itself. Before we went to bed, she’d place the bayberry candle  into the sink, to avoid a fire during the night. In the morning, the wax would be frozen in long tracks down the sides of the silver candlestick like the colorful icing on a wedding cake.

Some say that people separated during the holidays should leave a lit candle at the window to lure their loved one home.The gesture seems romantic and hopeful. It reminds me of high school when my sister and I would drive home on gravel roads, the darkness a cocoon engulfing us. With few houses along the prairie, we could make out the lights inside our farmhouse from miles away. There, we hoped our mother had our supper waiting for us on the stove. Isn’t that what most of us want, a light from a loved one waiting for us, welcoming us when we reach home?

When I light my candle tonight, I’ll wish for lots of luck on my New Year’s resolution–keeping this blog up and running. May 2012 find you a little wiser, a little more forgiving and a little more eager to embrace change, and may a light be waiting for you when you reach your destination.


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